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Another reason to think twice before diving into anything? Mercury pays an extra-long visit to Gemini this year because drumroll it will go retrograde backward from May June Be sure to back up your electronic data, triple-check travel plans and take a tolerant approach, as Mercury retrograde can foil technology, transportation and basic human interactions.

Unresolved issues and conversations may need to be addressed, since Mercury retrograde brings back the past. For more on Mercury retrograde, see www. A propensity for arguments is fueled by hotheaded Mars in Gemini from May June But do feel free to passionately advocate for anything that you believe in. When the Sun starts its monthlong Gemini tour on May 21, we leave the earthbound Taurus vibes behind—but hopefully not its practical lessons.

Of course, there are other planetary plot twists along the way.

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  • On May 3, a full moon in detail-obsessed Scorpio spotlights the ties that bind—financially, emotionally and sexually. The effect is sort of like putting a tight leash on a sloppy Golden Retriever.

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    Tempered enthusiasm can be a mighty weapon. In short, the key this month is really about checks and balances. Honor the past without getting stuck in it. Let your values guide you, but not limit you. Bisous from France, Sandy. They hit the nail right on the head with the May 3rd prediction! I will practice my self-restraint, however, by going to the beach without him and reading a book — two things that to him would be pure torture.

    I try to follow your concluding advice every day. Our priorities should show us directions and lead us, not limit us when not needed. Love the post. Interesting analysis of the stars … we shall see what this month has in store for me…. Warm Regards, Alexandra www. The Soundproof Window acts as a sound barrier and is not a replacement window.

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